Up, Up, Up Game

Welcome to the wonderful world of Up, Up, Up. "Up, Up, Up" is a fun parkour game where you aim to get as high as possible. You must embark on an exciting journey to help a little girl reach the pinnacle of the world. A place where reality, dreams, and fantasies are interwoven!

The Gameplay:

The game "Up, Up, Up," involves constantly climbing a series of obstacle-filled levels, such as cars, trash cans, police cars, bulletin boards, and chairs. The goal is to be as high as possible, challenging your flexibility and speed. As you progress, you will need to adjust your technique. However, please note! The closer you get to the peak, the more challenges and obstacles you face. You must use your flexibility and skills to overcome dangers, solve problems, and overcome difficulties.

Get ready for an exciting vertical journey with "Up, Up, Up"! Jumping, avoiding, and climbing through increasingly complex levels, the "Up, Up, Up" game's adrenaline stimulating actions make it a popular choice for players who enjoy testing their reflexes. More fun and challenging games await! You can access our free online Only Up collection. Find your next favorite game by reviewing our skill game collection.

"Up, Up, Up" games test people's patience, endurance, and hand speed. "Up, Up, Up" games require you to control the character to charge from one module to another, flip, jump, and jump over obstacles. During this period, you need to master the angle and jumping skills, and reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, creating a new record in "Up, Up, Up" games. Be proud of yourself!

How to Play:

You can use the WASD key to move and the space bar to jump, and your goal is to jump from one platform or item to the next, constantly rising to new heights. Help a little girl reach the pinnacle of the world.


Computer control:

W, A, S, D - Movement

Space bar -Jump

Smartphone control:

virtual joystick

Release Date:

August 17, 2023

About the Creator: