Up The Mountain Game

"Up The Mountain" is an uphill parkour game that constantly climbs and uses mobile coins to climb mountains, collect coins, and purchase cool skin through obstacles! From NOOB to PRO, a variety of complex obstacles and challenges await you! Can you overcome all obstacles and conquer a mountain? Take your time-too fast will send you flying back to the starting point!

The Gameplay:

The goal of the "Up The Mountain" game is to overcome a series of challenging obstacles. To make your journey more exciting, you will need to collect coins scattered throughout the map. These coins can be used to unlock a variety of cool skins that allow you to personalize your character and stand out from the crowd. It will test your skills and determination as you climb step by step. The ultimate goal is to conquer this towering peak. Are you capable of overcoming all obstacles and reaching the top? This is a testament to your courage and determination as you embark on this epic climbing adventure.

Get ready for an exciting vertical ride with 'Up the Mountain'! In the game, you jump, dodge spinning poles and climb through increasingly complex levels. As you progress through the different levels, new obstacles are introduced. More fun and challenging games await! You can visit our free online collection of parkour tips. Find your next favorite game by reviewing our collection of skill games.​

"Up The Mountain" games test people's patience, endurance, and hand speed. "Up The Mountain" games require you to control the character to charge from one module to another, flip, jump, and jump over obstacles. During this period, you need to master the angle and jumping skills, and reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, creating a new record in "Up The Mountain" games. Be proud of yourself!

How to Play:

To save, go to the black and white island and pick up a coin.



W, A, S, D - character management.

Space - jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe the screen by holding down the left mouse button.

Mobile devices:

Use the joystick to control the character.

Use the button in the lower right corner to jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe your finger across the screen.

Release Date:

September 1, 2023

About the Creator: