Up Pro Game

Up Pro is an uphill climbing game in which the player fights gravity to reach higher heights. The player must reach the end of the route without falling off. You need to climb as high as you can, and you can encounter a lot of interesting things along the way! You need to jump over all sorts of obstacles, such as beds, books, air conditioners, airplanes, etc., and keep climbing over them. Let's climb up and see what awaits you at the highest point!

The Gameplay:

In the game "Up Pro", players jump over various objects such as books, airplanes, beds, etc., not only to overcome obstacles, but also to uncover hidden secrets and solve complex puzzles. Your journey is filled with mystery and purpose, adding depth and appeal to your thrilling adventure. Make sure not to fall during this climb and explore every nook and cranny as every corner of this 3D world contains clues and challenges to test your courage. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a stunning 3D world?

In the game Up Pro, you encounter obstacles that make your heart beat faster and require precision and perfect timing. When you face a difficult path, it can take a long time to overcome. You may even need to try multiple times. Every time you try, you need to keep in mind the problems you've encountered along the way. From there, you can come up with a specific and reasonable strategy to overcome the next game. Keep in mind that time is infinite, so think carefully before you play.

As you climb higher and higher, the stunning scenery in the game "Up Pro" will attract your senses. Each climb will provide you with a stunning and unique view of the surrounding world. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the beauty displayed in every bold leap and precise landing. Good luck with that!​

How to Play:

Accurate control and jumping, overcoming obstacles, and climbing upwards. The WASD key can be used to move forward, left, backward and right. Press the spacebar to overcome gravity and obstacles in your path.


Mouse - look around

W, A, S, D keys - movement

W + Shift keys - run

Spacebar -Jump/Climb

R key - respawn

Release Date:

June 28, 2023

About the Creator: