Up Only! Game

In the "Up Only!" 3D parkour game, you control your character to constantly overcome obstacles and only run upwards! Do not ask how these things get into the air, just climb as high as you can! Start a new adventure now, embark on a crazy and thrilling journey, improve your parkour skills, test your reflexes, and enjoy the fun of "Up Only!" games.

The Gameplay:

In the free 3D adventure game "Up Only!", every jump and action is important. Strive to break records and reach the skies! Concentrate and avoid falling. Your goal is simple: keep climbing to new heights, overcome many obstacles, and showcase your running, jumping, and climbing skills. The rule of the "Up Only!" game is that you only need to move up without falling, overcoming all the obstacles on the road. One wrong move and you fall off and start from scratch.

The game, 'Up Only!', requires precise timing, nimble jumps, and a drive to reach the finish line at the best possible time to set a new record! All kinds of challenges have to be overcome on the way to the summit. Your journey is filled with mystery and purpose, adding depth and appeal to your thrilling adventure. Explore every nook and cranny, as every corner of this 3D world contains clues and challenges to test your mettle. Good luck with that!​

As soon as the game 'Up Only!"Upon its release, it quickly gained popularity among players of all ages, as every corner of this 3D world contains clues and challenges that test your mettle. Are you ready to defy gravity, hone your parkour skills and conquer the challenges ahead?​

How to Play:

Overcome the obstacles and run only upwards! Climb as high as you can!


PC Control:

W, A, S, D or Arrows - movement.

Space - jump.

Mouse - look around,rotate the camera up and down.

Control on a Mobile Device:

Game buttons on the sensor screen, on-screen joystick.

Release Date:

July 11, 2023

About the Creator: