Up&Only Up Again Game

"Up&Only Up Again" is an anti-gravity game that requires jumping and climbing. Up&Only Up Again players need to jump and climb over a variety of obstacles to reach the end of each level and set high scoring records. Seize what you see, climb to the highest point, slow down in challenging situations, or add a touch of flair.

The Gameplay:

"Up&Only Up Again" requires climbing various obstacles to reach the end of each level and achieve high scores. The game features a level-up system that allows you to gradually improve your jumping skills. Short and simple levels designed to prepare the player for challenging and lengthy levels that will be a tough test. Bedroom objects are now floating in the air, with cars, beds, light fixtures and everything else suspended in mid-air. The higher you climb, the more enchanting the scenery becomes.

Currently, the game 'Up&Only Up Again' offers 15 unique levels and five playable characters. Grab whatever you see, climb to the top, slow down in challenging situations, or add a flair to the moment.

"Up&Only Up Again" is an online game that you can play for free now. An incredible vertical adventure awaits in the game 'Up&Only Up Again'. So be prepared to defy gravity, overcome obstacles, and climb to new heights! In the story, you must jump, persevere in climbing the mountain, and reach a new record that belongs to you. Here you can push your limits, grab any available surface, and climb to the summit with unwavering perseverance. Feel the adrenaline rush and conquer the peaks, because it's not easy. Are you ready for an incredible journey? So, come on!

This is more than just a climb. It's a test of skill, strategy and timing. As you cross levels, you will face challenges that require quick thinking and precise execution. Up&Only Up Again's dynamic mechanics allow you to slow down your time in difficult situations, adding strategic depth to your journey. This campaign is designed to keep you interested and motivated. You will gradually improve your jumping skills from a beginner's level, designed to prepare you for future adventures, to more challenging stages. By persevering and practicing, you will transform from a novice climber to a skilled vertical athlete. We wish you all the best!

How to Play:

Use climbing and jumping techniques to climb higher and higher on these floating objects.


PC controls:

W, A, S, D - Movement

Shift - Run

Space - Jump

F - Slow down time

R - Return to level selection

Mouse - camera rotation

Mobile controls: Left half of the screen for character movement.

Right half of the screen for camera control.

On-screen buttons for jumping and slowing down time.

Release Date:

August 2023