Spiral Parkour Game

Spiral Parkour is a game of climbing from the bottom to the top of a spiral. Along the way, the player must climb a spiral tower and complete a parkour challenge to reach the top, with the goal of quickly reaching the finish line from the start. Are you up for the challenge?

The Gameplay:

The game "Spiral Parkour" has five different levels waiting for you: Desert, Mountain, Hell, Jungle, Taiga. Players can choose the level of challenge they are interested in, players must climb a giant new spiral tower and must run, jump and perform other acrobatic moves to get from point A to point B. You must overcome many new parkour challenges along the way. Spiral Parkour is fun for everyone! Many unique levels of subject matter! Many shortcuts await your discovery! Can you find them all?

In the game "Spiral Parkour," players explore complex and challenging parkour courses in a surreal spiral environment. The game's core mechanics will revolve around agile movement, precise jumping, and creative use of parkour abilities. The levels were designed to keep the player constantly moving through spirals, loops, and twists, creating a visually stunning and disorienting experience. Players control a skilled parkour athlete through a series of actions, such as running over walls, jumping over walls, sliding, swinging, and precision platforming. The controls should be responsive and intuitive.

In the game "Spiral Parkour", unique and challenging obstacles such as rotating platforms, anti-gravity sections, and complex wall structures are incorporated using the spiral motif. Starting from an easier level, introduce the mechanics to the player and gradually increase the difficulty with each level. Each new level may introduce a new parkour element or obstacle, allowing the player to further immerse themselves in the spiraling world, making the parkour experience more intense and immersive.​

How to Play:

To pass the level, you need to go through parkour, get to the top of the tower and enter the portal.


Walk - W A S D keys on PC / Joystick left on smartphone

Look around - Mouse on PC / Thumbstick right on smartphone

Jump - Spacebar on PC / Jump button on the right side on smartphone

Exit to menu - Escape key on PC / Arrow button in the corner on smartphone

Release Date:

August 8, 2023

About the Creator: