Roblox Obby: Change The Size Game

Roblox Obby: Change The Size is a unique and addictive game where you must navigate obstacle courses to reach the finish line. What sets this game apart is its ability to allow players to change the size of their character to traverse different traps and obstacles with ease. With 27 checkpoints to complete and a leaderboard to race against, this game will appeal to all Roblox enthusiasts. Not only is it fun and challenging, but it also features parkour mechanics and four playable characters you can switch between at any time. With its mix of strategy, speed, and agility, Roblox Obby: Change The Size is sure to test your parkour skills and keep you coming back for more.

The Gameplay:

Roblox Obby: Change The Size is a popularRoblox game mode where players must overcome obstacles to reach the finish line. What sets this game apart from other Obby games is its unique ability to change the size of the player character. Players can use this feature to their advantage, making it easier to navigate through the various traps and obstacles that stand in their way.

Roblox Obby: Change The Size is a game that will appeal to anyone who loves Roblox games. Players will enjoy speedy playthroughs and a constantly updated leaderboard, filled with players from around the world.

Completing the 27 checkpoints quickly and accurately will earn players a spot on the leaderboard, but they’ll also have fun doing it. The game features parkour elements, challenging obstacles and more!

Players can choose from four different characters to play as, any of whom can be changed in size at any time during the game. Players can also challenge their friends to beat their best times and scores.

If you enjoy Roblox Obby games and want a new twist that will test your abilities, then Roblox Obby: Change The Size is a game worth checking out!

How to Play:

Roblox Obby: Change The Size is a mode where you race to complete obstacle courses as quickly as possible. You can shrink or enlarge your character to help you overcome different traps and obstacles. The game features 27 checkpoints and a leaderboard to compete against friends and players worldwide. You can also play as one of four different characters, providing a fun and challenging parkour experience.



W, A, S, D - Movement

Mouse - Camera view (to make a full turn around, hold down the right mouse button)

Space - Jump


Using the game interface

Release Date:

August 14, 2023

About the Creator:

Eva Games