Robloks: Obbi Parkour Game

Enjoy the fun of "Robloks: Obbi Parkour" game parkour online! "Robloks: Obbi Parkour" is an imitation of the Roblox obby mode, testing your flexibility through a simple obstacle course and then entering the PRO level, collecting coins scattered throughout the map, and then purchasing skins for them!

The Gameplay:

The game "Robloks: Obbi Parkour" is full of adrenaline soaring challenges, from tricky jumps to mobile platforms and deadly traps. When crossing dangerous terrain, you need to demonstrate your agility, timing and accuracy. As the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to collect coins. These coins can be used to unlock various skins that allow you to personalize your character and create a unique look. Show off your style and stand out from the crowd when conquering the tower.

"Robloks: Obbi Parkour" has a unique design and gaming style, with simple courses and a certain degree of challenge and complexity. "Robloks: Obbi Parkour" is one of the best Roblox online parkour games on our website. Use the arrow keys to move your rookie characters, press the space bar to jump from platform to platform, and they will be spotted in the air, so be sure not to fall out of the sky, as that's when you have to start from scratch. Each new stage will have a harder curriculum than before, but we guarantee it will also be more fun, so we wish you all the best in this game and we hope to see you try out more of our games!

"Robloks: Obbi Parkour" is a popular game genre where players must use parkour and Taiwanese skills to navigate through challenging obstacle courses called "obbi". The games offer a wide range of themes, designs, and difficulty levels. Once you get into the game, follow the instructions and use your parkour skills to overcome obstacles and complete the course. Many Obby Parkour games allow you to interact with other players. You can compete and collaborate with them, and also enjoy the challenge together. Be sure to explore different games and find ones that match your preferences in terms of difficulty and subject matter.​

How to Play:

To save, go to the black and white island with a coin, the arrows on the island indicate the direction in which you need to go.



W, A, S, D - character management.

Space - jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe the screen by holding down the left mouse button.

Mobile devices:

Use the joystick to control the character.

Use the button in the lower right corner to jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe your finger across the screen.

Release Date:

August 4, 2023

About the Creator: