Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik Game

Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik is an artfully designed game with 12 unique levels that challenge players to master obstacles and reach the finish line. Mastering these levels is crucial to progress through the game, Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik is an addictive and challenging experience that will test your parkour skills and keep you on your toes throughout the entire game.

The Gameplay:

Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik is an exhilarating indie game that challenges players to navigate through a series of unique and complex levels. Developed by independent studio Nerdburger Games, this parkour-themed title features 12 levels that gradually increase in difficulty, testing players’ ability to quickly react and think on their feet.

Players take on the role of Nubik, a courageous and agile protagonist who must navigate his way through each level using parkour techniques. Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik integrated platforming and puzzle-solving elements, requiring players to jump, climb, swing, and slide over and under various obstacles. Each level is filled with imaginative and challenging obstacles that push players to their limits, such as giant rolling balls, conveyor belts, moving platforms, and more.

The game’s levels are carefully designed to gradually introduce new obstacles and challenges, allowing players to hone their parkour skills and improve their speed and efficiency as they progress. As players master each level, they can earn rewards and unlock new content, including additional levels and skins for their character. The game features a leaderboard system that allows players to compete against friends and other players worldwide,encourage them to complete each level as soon as possible and have the right to show off.

Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik’s graphics are eye-catching, with colorful and detailed environments that bring each level to life. The game’s controls are intuitive and responsive, allowing players to easily maneuver Nubik around obstacles with just a few buttons and analog sticks. The game’s music complements the action, providing an upbeat and infectious soundtrack that keeps players pumped as they navigate each level.

The game’s premise is simple but challenging, and it provides an addictive and immersive experience that parkour fans and platforming enthusiasts will love. Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik is the perfect title for players who enjoy testing their skills and pushing their limits in a fun and engaging game environment. If you enjoy platformers and are looking for a new and unique challenge, Parkour: The Adventures of Nubik is worth checking out.

How to Play:

Your goal is to jump on platforms and traverse through courses while avoiding obstacles and collecting cakes. The game features various levels with unique layouts and challenges, putting your platforming skills to the test. You must quickly react to changes in the terrain and use your parkour skills to jump, climb, and flip through the levels. Reach the finish line as quickly as possible to complete each course and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.


W, A, S, D - character management.

Space - jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe the screen by holding down the left mouse button.

Release Date:

June 12, 2023

About the Creator: