Only Up Up! Game

"Only Up Up!" is an upward platform climbing game where players jump between different buildings, featuring good graphics and addictive gameplay. Climb any building and jump from building to building. Rolling or leaping over an obstacle. Get to the top by setting a record.

The Gameplay:

"Only Up Up!" players need to jump from one building to another, with cars, chairs, pipes, fences, and houses in the middle. Players need to control their characters to keep climbing and be careful not to fall!

"Only Up Up!" players must climb, jump, and slide over platforms and obstacles while avoiding falls and traps. Upon its release, the game quickly gained popularity among gamers of all ages. The popularity of the "Only Up Up!" game can be attributed to its unique concept, where players must pass the game in one go because there are no checkpoints or save mechanisms. If "Only Up Up!" player loses all progress and they have to start over.

Tests your physical skills and reflexes. All kinds of challenges have to be overcome on the way to the summit. Your journey is filled with mystery and purpose, adding depth and appeal to your thrilling adventure. Explore every nook and cranny, as every corner of this 3D world contains clues and challenges to test your mettle.

In the "Only Up Up!" anti gravity parkour adventure, your success depends on adaptability, strategy, and the execution of perfect parkour actions. Whether you are crossing rooftops, climbing tall buildings, or traversing complex urban environments, every move counts. Are you ready to defy gravity, hone your parkour skills and conquer the challenges ahead? Remember that in this flying world, the journey is as valuable as the destination. Do not let yourself fall, good luck and most of all, have fun!​

How to Play:

The goal of the game "Only Up Up!" is to climb as high as possible on objects suspended on the ground. Don't let yourself fall off.


W, A, S, D - Character Control

Space - Jump

Q - Lie down

X - Roll / Jump off the platform

LMB - Enable cursor

RMB - Turn off cursor / Inspect

Release Date:

August 31, 2023

About the Creator: