Only Up: Stickman Parkour Game

In "Only Up: Stickman Parkour," players need to help the game's stickman hero reach nearly inaccessible places, collect coins and try to move forward in a world full of danger. In this game, strategically plan your route to reach the summit in record time, and be prepared to face a series of obstacles and cunning traps that hamper your ascent. Your journey to the top depends on your choices!

The Gameplay:

Only Up: Stickman Parkour is an exciting platform and parkour game. It takes a thrilling parkour adventure on a mysterious floating island, observes your environment in 3D, follows the brave stickman protagonists, skips floating containers, climbs towering windmills, moves from deep trenches to abandoned building areas, and keeps balance precariously on cranes and Flat noodles boxes suspended on the high seas, Enjoying various clothing and overcoming numerous challenges, you must strive to survive as much as possible by choosing different paths until you reach your destination.

In the game "Only Up: Stickman Parkour," you need to time your jumps perfectly to clear huge gaps, cross poles and grab the ledge at the last second. Fortunately, once within reach, your stickman will automatically grab the edge, but you need to have perfect timing for the long jump. Watch out for risky shortcut opportunities that may save you valuable time, but beware of dangerous paths that can lead to a quick death. Take a step into this addictive stickman adventure and unleash your parkour skills to the limit! With your responsiveness and great physique, overcome countless pitfalls and obstacles to reach the top of the leaderboard! Good luck to you.

Only Up: Stickman Parkour offers a rich library of skins for your stickman character. Choose from a variety of outfits and witness your stickman undergo a major transformation as they climb to higher heights. In this dynamic game, you are in control of your own destiny. Choose your preferred path and strategically plan your route to reach the peak in record time. Be prepared for a series of obstacles and cunning traps to hamper your ascent.

How to Play:

Players help stickman hero in the game reach the finish line, collect coins, and advance.


For PC controls:

W, A, S, D buttons - Move

Space - Jump

R key - Return to the control point

P key - Access the store

For Mobile Devices:

Use the on-screen joystick and buttons

Release Date:

July 29, 2023

About the Creator: