Only Up: Skibidi Cameramen Game

Only Up: Skibidi Cameramen is a risky game set in a parallel universe. In the game, the cameraman enters a parallel universe and encounters a group of dangerous Skibidi who need to overcome various obstacles to escape. Many obstacles awaited him in this adventure. Climb as high as you can, conquer the clouds, and try not to fall, or you must start all over again. Here you can enjoy the ultimate adventure of backflip skibidi toilet shooting! You can play the game for free on this site.

The Gameplay:

In "Only Up: Skibidi Cameramen," a famous photographer embarks on an adventure journey, encountering dangerous Skibidi and many obstacles along the way. The photographer is the protagonist in the "Skibiddy Toilet" series. They are the enemies of the Scibidi toilets. Their heads were fitted with CCTV cameras. There are four types of photographers: photographer Joe, photographer A, photographer B, and photographer C. You control the primary photographer by dragging the mouse from side to side to climb as high as you can without falling. You can use a shooting bucket to rescue other photographers. Avoid the dangerous Scibidi. If you are hit by them too many times and your health bar is completely depleted, you will fail and have to start from scratch, so focus on not letting that happen.

Only Up: Skibidi Cameramen will be one of the best new offerings we have for this beloved category, which is certainly one of our most popular. Are you prepared to face a variety of challenges as you navigate a 3D environment full of detail and threats? Enjoy the challenge while showcasing your exceptional balance, responsiveness, and patience. This is going to be great! Many of the episodes from the Only Up series will be integrated directly into the plot and gameplay, and you will have endless fun. We will now tell you more! Good luck with that one.

How to Play:

Use the WASD key to move, the Shift key to run, and the left mouse button to flush the toilet, as you need to flush all the toilets to complete a level, and in each new level there are more enemies you have to face.


W, A, S, D -Movement

P button - Pause

R button - Rebirth

Space bar -Jump

Mouse - Look around, camera control

Release Date:

August 17, 2023

About the Creator: