Only up Russia Game

"Only up Russia" is an exciting parkour game that challenges gravity and allows players to climb heights against it. It involves experiencing many unique obstacles and opportunities. Only up Russia is inspired by the original Only Up game while adding beautiful Russian architecture. The player must traverse various objects in difficult paths, with the goal of breaking individual records and creating new time records for passing each level. Overcome all difficulties, avoid pitfalls and maneuver accurately to reach the top.

The Gameplay:

In 'Only up Russia', cross a myriad of floating objects to get to the summit! In the game, the player embarks on an adventure as the only remaining person in the city. There was no one in sight and objects such as cars, lampposts and manhole covers were floating around, creating an upward path for our men. Let's climb up and see what awaits you at the top! Players are encouraged to climb steep heights in a race against gravity.

The game "Only up Russia" offers players a stunning and surreal adventure in which they leap from obstacle to obstacle. However, the further you progress, the more difficult it becomes. Due to the lack of available checkpoints, careful timing was required for each jump; Make one mistake and you have to start from scratch!

Towering over the vast Russian landscape in Only up Russia is your next vertical conquest - a huge test of skill and courage that reaches right up to the clouds. This mountain calls to your inner explorer, eager to climb to the top again. You use all your strength and precision to bounce between almost non-existent footprints. Climb the crumbling rocks, reach out, charge, climb, find any crevices or crags that will bring you closer to the summit and glory. Examine the distant landscape below before the call of the next hill, hold your head high, and triumph. The only way now is to get down!

"Only up Russia" is an extraordinary parkour game that challenges your skills and nerves to climb to dazzling heights. Over the vast land of Russia, a great test of your abilities awaits you, straight up to the clouds. The mountain beckons, inviting your adventurer to conquer another peak. With unwavering determination, you can leap between seemingly fleeting footholds with all your strength and precision. As you climb the crumbling rocks, you need to reach out and charge, desperately searching for any crack or fissure that will bring you closer to the summit and the glory that awaits. Exceeding yourself and reaching the pinnacle of success.​

How to Play:

The goal of the game is to reach the end of the path from start to finish in the fastest time!


W, A, S, D - movement

Space - jump

Shift - acceleration

ESC - pause

Release Date:

July 30, 2023

About the Creator: