Only Up Obby Game

Only Up Obby is an obstacle course or parkour course where the player must overcome a series of challenging obstacles in order to complete the game. The game features unique graphics and a distinctive style. Players use obstacles or platform challenges to achieve their goals, and you need to climb as high as you can. There are plenty of interesting things to encounter along the way, striving to reach the finish line and being careful not to fall off.

The Gameplay:

In "Only Up Obby," you play Jackie as she attempts to escape the slums, inviting you on a thrilling journey to higher heights. The game's world is like a childhood dream, with floating trains and rotating roads. The goal is to climb as high as possible, but you must overcome obstacles along the way.

In the context of the game Only Up Obby, the goal is to climb through a route filled with various obstacles and challenges. Players must jump, dodge, and navigate these obstacles while trying to reach higher levels or the top. The theme of "Only Up Obby" indicates that the main direction of movement in the game is upward, which becomes increasingly difficult as the player progresses.

Only Up Obby has clever gameplay that even the most experienced gamers will find exhilarating. Each obstacle and platform required meticulous method and precise execution, requiring a delicate balance of skill, intelligence and patience. A single wrong move could undo all your previous efforts. Take part in this thrilling adventure and may the journey to the skies be filled with endless excitement and memorable moments. The sky's the limit and there's only one way to go - up!

Due to its challenging and competitive nature, the game Only Up Obby has become popular as players attempt to complete the game quickly or with minimal error. They can be a fun way to test one's platform and problem-solving skills in the context of a game. If you want to play Only Up Obby, you can find them on our gaming platform, which includes a variety of obstacle course games.​

How to Play:

Climbing up through a route filled with obstacles and challenges, WASD keys can be used to move forward, left, backward, and right. Press the spacebar to overcome gravity and obstacles in the path.​


Desktop :

Movement - W, A, S, D or Arrows

Mouse - Look around

P key - Pause

R key - Respawn

Spacebar - Jump

Mobile Device :

Use game buttons on the sensor screen, on-screen joystick

Release Date:

July 15, 2023

About the Creator:

Noufre Games