Only Up Mine Game

Jump, overcome obstacles, and embark on an adventure in the game 'Only Up Mine'! The game 'Only Up Mine' is the best test of agility and courage, using your ingenuity to calculate perfect height and speed, traverse parkour and obstacles, and reach the top! Pay close attention to any jumps and shortcuts. Rush to the top and score in the stadium to complete the challenge in the shortest possible time.

The Gameplay:

In Only Up Mine, you will find yourself exploring a world suspended in a boundless sky, soaring to new heights in the thrilling world of Only Up Mine. This exciting game provides the perfect platform to test your skills and abilities at high altitudes. Get ready to embark on an adventure that will take you to towering ship decks, airplane wings, billowing clouds and even other distant worlds. Your mission is clear: climb as high as you can, or even fly above the clouds. Only Up Mine combines the gravity-defying mechanics of Minecraft Parkour and Only Up to offer a unique combination of challenges that test your agility and nerve. In order to succeed, you must master the art of precise jumping, crossing dangerous obstacles, and using your intellect to measure perfect height and speed. Your journey will showcase your speed and courage as you push the limits of your gaming abilities.

In "Only Up Mine," you take an exciting journey through spaceships and airplanes to the clouds and beyond: to other planets. Climb as high as you can on the world's most dangerous ladder! Jump, jump over obstacles, calculate height and speed. Test your flexibility and courage. Waiting for you to ascend to the clouds with your flying feet. This 3D arcade platformer combines the aesthetics of Minecraft with the excitement of Only Up's vertical ascent. The goal is clear: reach new heights, push your limits and prove your dexterity and bravery.

In the thrilling realm of Only Up Mine, the sky is not the limit; This is just the beginning. Be prepared to face tests of skill and courage, climb to new heights, and overcome obstacles and challenges with each leap. Only Up Mine is a great way to test your skills and abilities in the air. Get ready to embark on an adventurous journey to ships, airplanes, clouds and other distant worlds. Climb as high as you can, even above the clouds. Can you conquer the sky and reach heights beyond imagination? It's time to find out. So get ready, take a step, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Have fun and keep climbing! See how fast and brave you are!

Delicate Minecraft-style graphics, cool LOFI style music, easy and intuitive controls, beautiful and detailed maps, 3D graphics, and learning controls are key to this challenging game. Get ready to embark on this aerial adventure and see how far you can climb.

How to Play:

Use these keys to move forward, left, back, and right while navigating the complex terrain of the sky. Press the space bar to perform gravity-defying jumps and overcome obstacles in your path. Press Shift to activate the acceleration feature, allowing you to reach higher heights at a faster pace. Use the V key to change the camera view, providing a different perspective for your soaring adventures. Whenever you need to take a break or develop your next action strategy, simply press Tab to pause the game.


W, A, S, D - forward \ left \ back \ right

Space - jump

Shift - acceleration

V - change the camera view

TAB - pause

Release Date:

August 2023

About the Creator:

Only Up Mine is the creativity of JustPlay, a talented development team dedicated to bringing you innovative and challenging gaming experiences.