Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D Game

Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D is an exhilarating parkour adventure that combines the thrill of a running game with strategic puzzles. In this game, you test your physical skills and reflexes while participating in obstacle training. All kinds of challenges have to be overcome on the way to the summit. Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D challenges you to push your limits and overcome obstacles in an exhilarating parkour experience.

The Gameplay:

Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D is a thrilling adventure inspired by parkour, an adrenaline-fuelled gaming world where you are invited to embark on an exciting parkour adventure that tests your skills to the limit and overcomes difficulties. As you climb higher and see the world from a new perspective, the breathtaking scenery will leave you in awe, uncovering hidden secrets, unraveling mysteries along the way and revealing the true purpose of your journey in Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D.

Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D combines the adrenaline rush of a running game with the strategic puzzle-solving of smartly choosing your path, making split-second decisions and racing against time. It will definitely challenge, excite and awe you as you leap over complex obstacles, perform daring gravity-defying jumps and strategically conquer every thrilling challenge. Thanks to Only Up's innovative 3D game, you will overcome complex obstacles, gravity jumps, and choose the safest path.

This "Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D" game draws inspiration from the dynamic sports art of "parkour", wisely chooses your path, trusts your intuition, and races against the relentless time to climb new heights. In Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D, agility and quick thinking are more than just assets; It's also an asset. They are your lifeline. As you advance through this carefully designed landscape, you encounter obstacles that make your heart beat faster and require precise and perfect timing of your movements.

How to Play:

The goal of the "Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D" game is to climb as high as possible on objects, levitating above the ground. There were saves in the game. To do this, get to the red flag. In the game "Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D", you can change the character's costume by buying them in the store for in-game currency. Game currency can be earned during the game or purchased for yan.


PC Management

A - forward

W - to the left

D - to the right

Space  -jump

Camera control - by holding down the left mouse button.

Management on a Mobile Device

On the left is the joystick by pinching with your finger and moving in the right direction.

The jump button is on the right.

Release Date:

July 24, 2023

About the Creator: