Only UP GO Parkour Game

The Only UP GO Parkour game introduces a unique element to experience an adventure that inspires your imagination, performs gravity-defying jumps, and masters your parkour skills, requiring the player's flexibility, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking. Instead of running through layers, you climb higher and higher, encountering unpredictable obstacles and dangers on the way to the summit. More than 100 imaginative floating obstacle courses are suspended in the air. Players must unleash their ingenuity to climb them and reach their goals. Players can invite friends to play along and have a fun competition to see who is the most agile.

The Gameplay:

The main feature of the game, Only UP GO Parkour, is the use of various objects to overcome vertical space, traversing more than 100 imaginative floating obstacles suspended in the air. Follow fearless parkour athletes as they jump, sprint, roll and balance on dangerous platforms, jumping from containers, planks and concrete blocks to abandoned planes, robots, destroyed buildings, subways, ships and cranes. The game Only UP GO Parkour is available for PC, Android and iOS systems. Players must use dexterity, quick reactions, and strategic thinking to succeed. Instead of running through the levels, the player climbs higher and higher.

The game 'Only UP GO Parkour' is significantly different from traditional platform games in that the direction is vertical and the player must climb higher and higher to reach the peak. Players must navigate a series of unpredictable obstacles and dangers to test their agility and problem-solving abilities. It will take you precious time each time you fall, but do not worry. If you fail, you will start from where you fell and continue to rise. See how high you can go and break previous records. At the end of each level, you end the game with a flag, symbolizing your victory over the height. Only by climbing to the top can you declare that you have truly crossed that level.

Only UP GO Parkour offers unique climbing challenges, accurately timed jumps across huge gaps between obstacles, where making a mistake means falling straight into the unforgiving ocean below. You will ascend to dizzying heights. Passing through narrow beams, winding around obstacles, and finding dangerous shortcuts save valuable time. But watch out for dangerous paths that may go directly over the edge. How high can you go on this floating climbing frame? Jump into the intense, fast-paced fun and find the answer!​

How to Play:

The main task in the game is to climb as high as possible and try to get to the finish line, there is no loss in the game, you can only fall and depending on where you fall, you will need to continue the path to victory on the up!


W, A, S, D - Movement.

Left Shift - Run

Space - Jump

C - Crouch

Escape - Pause

Mouse - Look

Mobile control is supported.

Release Date:

August 3, 2023

About the Creator: