Only up: break the record Game

The game "Only up: break the record" takes you on a journey that pushes the limits of parkour skills, conquering towering skyscrapers, massive construction cranes and countless floating obstacles. You have to climb, but it's not the easiest path. Fasten your seat belts because this map is unlike any you've ever seen. It's not just a challenge, it's a gravity-defying adventure that will take us to soaring heights in a virtual world.

The Gameplay:

In "Only up: break the record," you control a young boy trapped in an old neighborhood. Looking up, the boy saw dim shapes in the sky, and resolved to reach the spot. The player first jumps onto a nearby blue car and finds a platform that can guide the boy to higher ground. Do not forget to activate the slow motion function during the jump to improve accuracy! As you traverse the maze-like landscape of this floating city, every jump, slide and swing from the pole must be perfectly executed. Timing is your closest ally as you move between towering buildings, suspended cargo bins and intricate gears. There are alternate routes on the road to success that allow you to bypass the most dangerous parts.

The game "Only up: break the record" combines precise timed jumps, perfect rolling and agile climbing to reach record-breaking heights. Your character is a brave free runner who will rely entirely on circumstances to achieve these amazing feats. Challenges await: climb to new heights, set new records and get your name on the leaderboard. The game can use alternate routes and time-slowing to pass difficult sections as accurately as possible. On your way you encounter familiar objects of life, which is an unusual state for a man to be in. This game will test your parkour skills in a way that has never been attempted before.

Climb a giant construction crane and confidently jump between loose beams hundreds of feet above the ground. Elegantly gliding over obstacles, deftly swinging from pole to pole while maintaining upward momentum. Accuracy and skill are key to overcoming these formidable obstacles in "Only up: break the record". In order to act, the first step is to determine the appropriate jumping force. Are you ready? You can break new records in 'Only up: break the record'.​

How to Play:

Use the WASD key to control the boy and press the space bar to jump. Drag the left mouse button to look around. Press the R button to activate or deactivate slow motion.


PC Control:

W, A, S, D or arrows - movement.

Spacebar - jump.

LMB hold + mouse movement - rotate the camera around.

The R button slows down time.

Control on a Mobile Device:

Game buttons on the sensor screen, on-screen joystick.

Release Date:

July 29, 2023

About the Creator: