Only Up 3D Game

The anti-gravity feature of the game 'Only Up 3D' adds dynamics to the standard parkour mechanics. The game is similar to 'Only Up!' and 'Getting Over lt with Bennett Foddy', in which players perform stunts on a floating platform stage to reach their peak. The game 'Only Up 3D' has a record table where you can compete against other players! The game has a user-friendly interface and smooth controls. Realistic 3D graphics make the experience feel immersive.

The Gameplay:

In this captivating free online game, 'Only Up 3D', players must use their amazing parkour stunts, reflexes, and patience to run, jump, and climb along a path composed of cars, pipelines, and various floating platforms in the air, and try to reach the highest possible height, because parkour requires almost supernatural flexibility, and this extreme training involves a combination of strength and technology, Make runners look like superheroes in real life. Available for free on computers and mobile phones, enjoy the fun of the Only Up 3D parkour game!​

The main goal of Only Up 3D is to overcome various challenges and obstacles. This type of game is both attractive and visually appealing, where players compete for the highest score or fastest ascent time. Sharp eyes and quick reflexes are essential as the player navigates the myriad obstacles. The ultimate goal of the player is to reach the peak without falling or getting caught in a trap. Are you ready to defy gravity, hone your parkour skills and conquer the challenges ahead? Remember that in this flying world, the journey is as valuable as the destination. Good luck and most of all, have fun!​

How to Play:

You need to get to the top as fast as possible!


W, A, S, D - walk

Space bar - jump

Mouse - look around

Release Date:

July 11, 2023

About the Creator: