Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend Game

Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend is a dynamic anti-gravity parkour game that explores the secrets of the sky in Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend! Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend offers players an immersive adventure in an exciting, unique, gravity-defying world. This dynamic parkour game will take you on a thrilling journey up a mountain. Climb higher and higher on various floating platforms to uncover the mysteries of the world and test your parkour skills!

You look up in wonder and curiosity at the cobbled-together objects overhead, a maze of concrete and steel hovering high, as if touching the clouds. What is the reason for this? What secrets are hidden in those lofty heights? You have to find out. What will you find? This is the purpose of your climb - the truth awaits at the summit.

The Gameplay:

In "Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend" every jump brings new risks, and the world changes dramatically in the blink of an eye, but it also brings new insights. Something incomprehensible has happened in the world. Objects that once sat firmly on the ground now float whimsically in the sky - cars, houses, flat noodles, pipes, everything hangs in the air. The higher you climb, the more stunning the views. There are endless floating pieces of debris against a blue background. The laws of universal gravitation no longer seem to apply to this mysterious new world.

Your goal is to climb higher and higher above these objects, moving only upward and uncovering the mysterious secrets of what is happening. Take an exciting journey, experience parkour adventures, reach new heights, and explore the secrets of the sky. Immersed in a vast and fascinating world, every step brings you closer to the clouds. Experience an adventure that inspires your imagination, perform gravity-defying jumps, master your parkour skills, see how high you can reach and break previous records, and immerse yourself in a high-definition 3D world.

In anti-gravity parkour, players navigate a world where objects are suspended in the air. In order to progress, you must use parkour techniques to climb higher and higher on these floating objects. The anti-gravity nature of the game, Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend, adds dynamics to the traditional parkour mechanics. Provides a thrilling adventure that allows players to explore the secrets of the sky. As you ascend, you uncover mysteries and discover the truth behind the floating world.

The game, "Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend" challenges players to tackle complex and challenging obstacles that require precise timing, skilled jumping and strategic decision-making. Overcome obstacles and continue to climb and progress through the game. As you leap from one gravity-defying floating object to another, experience a moment of leaping that makes your heart beat faster. The game's dynamic environment adds excitement and intensity to each jump.

To scale towering buildings and reach new heights, players of Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend must master parkour skills. As you progress, you will become better at performing complex operations and navigating challenging terrain. Browse multiple paths and decide instantly which direction to take. Your choices determine your path and progress through the game.

Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend features an immersive environment with a unique world design. The combination of floating objects and creative level design adds to the game's visual appeal. Test your limits as you aim to climb as high as you can while facing more and more challenges. "Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend" encourages players to push themselves to new heights and earn higher scores.

The gameplay of Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend is designed to inspire adrenaline and excitement by allowing players to boldly jump, overcome obstacles and explore the floating world. If you like platform jumping games, enjoy Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend! Have fun!

How to Play:

Climb higher and higher on these floating objects using parkour techniques.


W, A, S, D or arrow keys = move

Hold left mouse = rotate/camera view

Space = jump

Shift = run forward

T = teleport

ESC = open settings

Release Date:

August 2023