Only Go Up! Game

"Only Go Up!" is a free 3D adventure game that allows you to join Ben by climbing, jumping, and sliding over platforms and obstacles, seeking to break records and reach the sky! Your goal is simple but exciting, climbing to new heights, overcoming many obstacles, and showcasing your running, jumping, and climbing skills. The rules are very clear - you only need to move up without falling and overcome all obstacles in the way. Are you ready to defy gravity, hone your parkour skills and conquer the challenges ahead?

The Gameplay:

Are you ready for a wild ride? The "Only Go Up!" game's mission is to use a hovering obstacle in the air to reach the spacecraft. You can grab a few obstacles and climb up. The green area on the obstacle will tell you what you can grab. You can also save current progress and return after a failure. Strive to reach the finish line in the best possible time and set a new record! In the flying world of "Only Go Up!" - The journey is as valuable as the destination. Do not let yourself fall, good luck and most of all, have fun!

"Only Go Up!" is an immersive parkour adventure game that will sharpen your skills, test your reflexes and show you what it means to reach new heights. The path to success awaits you, and how you achieve it is up to you! Every jump, every move counts. Concentrate and direct your fears toward decisive progress. A wrong move carries the risk of falling into an abyss. The challenge is to master the art of precision, timing and flexibility. You will overcome complex obstacles, gravity jumps, and choose the safest path. Can you become a pro in the world of parkour and complete the entire level without making a single mistake?​

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How to Play:

Climb and jump to the sky!


Mouse / Trackpad - Camera rotation

Tab - Pause / Menu

W, A, S, D - Move

Left Shift - Walk

Space - Jump

X - Roll / Drop

C - Crouch

Q - Crawl

Release Date:

August 7, 2023

About the Creator:

Cyber Cats