Obby Parkour: The Rise Of The Noob Game

Obby Parkour: The Rise of the Noob is a popular parkour game where players must navigate obstacle courses to reach the finish line and become the top scorer on the leaderboard. Players can upgrade their characters in the store to increase their strength and speed, giving them an edge in competing for high scores against other players. This addictive and challenging game is sure to test your parkour skills and keep you coming back for more.

The Gameplay:

Obby Parkour: The Rise of the Noob is an exhilarating and addictive game that has players hurtling through obstacle courses at breakneck speeds. The game’s premise is simple: guide your character through a gauntlet of obstacles, overcoming unique challenges and showcasing your parkour skills to the utmost.

Obby Parkour: The Rise of the Noob is to test your parkour skills, problem-solving abilities, and speed. With its punitive obstacle course, addictive game loop, and ability to play with friends, it's no wonder "Obi Parkour: The Rise of Nub" has become such a popular parkour game.

Players will traverse through a wide variety of parkour elements, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Players must adapt their skills to face unique challenges, such as scaling abandoned planes, robots, and even destroyed buildings. With each new challenge comes a new opportunity to test and refine players skills.

The game’s community is also worth mentioning. Obby Parkour: The Rise of the Noob has a thriving community of players who love to share their experiences online. Whether it’s showing off their scores on the leaderboard or sharing tips and tricks on how to complete each level, there’s always something to discover within the game’s online community.

Overall, “Obby Parkour: The Rise of the Noob” takes players to the core of fast-paced parkour adventures. With its dynamic environment, unique obstacles, and physics based mechanisms, it provides a captivating experience that allows players to continuously indulge for hours. The customization options, online community, and captivating level design of the game make it a must-have game for parkour or platform gaming enthusiasts.

How to Play:

You must deftly maneuver around obstacles and choose the correct route to progress when jumping is impossible. The game tests players' platforming skills and quick decision-making, offering a fun and challenging experience for all levels of players.



W, A, S, D - character management.

Space - jump.

To rotate the camera, move the mouse across the screen.

Mobile devices:

Use the joystick to control the character.

Use the button in the lower right corner to jump.

Swipe the screen to rotate the camera.

Release Date:

August 24, 2023

About the Creator: