Obby Parkour 3D Game

In the parkour game "Obby Parkour 3D", you need to cross an obstacle track. "Obby Parkour 3D" imitates the obi mode in Roblox games, in which you need to pass the obstacle race as soon as possible. After reaching the top, you will receive the main prize - the trophy! Obby Parkour 3D is innovative and diverse, allowing you to relax and enjoy thrilling sensations.

The Gameplay:

Obby Parkour 3D is a skill-based game that requires you to move and jump on a brick platform to reach a portal. Let's use your skills to overcome all levels. In Obby Parkour 3D, you need to: avoid falling into the void with precise jumps, test your running and jumping skills, and fill the progress bar to win the game. Obbi is an obstacle course where the player must overcome a series of obstacles to complete the game. They are quite common in Roblox.

Climbing to the top of a tower in the game "Obby Parkour 3D" involves going through all the tests and overcoming obstacles. Show off your parkour skills by overcoming all 40 unique obstacles. Be the first on the way to the top and into the leaderboard! The game will test your speed running skills! In this "Obby Parkour 3D" parkour game, you will encounter more difficulties and must apply more skills. When you face a difficult path, it can take a long time to overcome. You may even need to try multiple times. Every time you try, you need to keep in mind the problems you've encountered along the way. From there, you can come up with a specific and reasonable strategy to overcome the next game.

The essence of "Obby Parkour 3D" parkour is resilience and determination. Keep moving forward, do not let fear get in the way, and be sure to plan your movements accurately so that you do not end up in nothingness. It is necessary to jump from one platform to the next to avoid falling from the sky, and to reach the flag at the end of each stage. If this happens, you will be overwhelmed and need to start over. Keep moving forward and press the jump button when you reach the edge of the platform. If you do not target the following steps, you risk falling off the other side of the log. Make sure you get to the checkpoint before continuing. Doing so will save your progress.

How to Play:

Move through the level, overcome obstacles and save yourself at checkpoints. WASD keys can be used to move forward, left, backward, and right. Press the spacebar to overcome gravity and obstacles in the path.​


W, A, S, D -Movement

Spacebar - Jump

Mouse - Camera View

Tab - Pause

Release Date:

September 3, 2023

About the Creator: