Obby: Mega Parkour Game

Challenge this addictive game "Obby: Mega Parkour" and experience a third-person parkour game with vibrant graphics and cleverly designed obstacle courses. See if you can complete this parkour in the shortest possible time. Like most parkour games, you'll control Obby and help him overcome over 150+ parkour obstacles! Jump and run freely here.

In "Obby: Mega Parkour," you can challenge tracks of different difficulties. You need to complete the easy difficulty to unlock new ones. However, the easy difficulty is not actually easy. Can you finish the game in the shortest time possible? If you achieve an amazing record, your name will appear on the leaderboard! Do you have the confidence to complete this challenge? Don't worry, if you fall off or touch dangerous color blocks and fail, you can restart the challenge from the current obstacle course. But remember, your time will keep ticking!

The Gameplay:

In "Obby: Mega Parkour," Obby's new parkour challenge is full of fun. You'll experience various obstacle courses with different levels of difficulty. Some levels may not require much skill, while the next one will make you try multiple times. Sometimes, seemingly simple obstacle courses hide many dangers. When you see a path with a large area of one color and a small area of other colors, pay attention to whether you can step into the large color area or if there's a pattern to the color arrangement. If you step on the wrong color, Obby will fall apart and restart that particular section.

When you start the adventure in "Obby: Mega Parkour," the timer starts. If you fail a level, the timer pauses at that moment. When you restart and start moving again, the timer resumes. So, to achieve your best time, try to minimize mistakes! Show your agility, accurately identify dangerous areas, and even if you fail, don't give up. Get up and keep moving forward!

"Obby: Mega Parkour" is an addictive and excellent time-killing game. Enjoy an exciting and fun parkour with Obby in your leisure time. It will exercise your observation and reflex abilities, and your parkour skills will be honed here. Whether you're an experienced parkour player or a new player, you can find enjoyment here. Try to break your own records. Each completed level will bring you great satisfaction.

How to Play:

"Obby: Mega Parkour" is similar to most parkour games. After entering the game, select your track. Once you cross the starting line, the timer starts. Keep moving, jumping, and overcoming various obstacles. Pay attention to different colored floors, as not all colors can be stepped on. When you step on the wrong color, Obby falls apart and restarts that specific obstacle challenge, and the timer increases. You can also move after jumping, so use this little trick to help you get through some difficult obstacles.



WASD keys - Move

Spacebar - Jump

Mouse - Move the camera


Drag the left joystick to move

Tap the jump button to jump

Rotate the right joystick to adjust the camera

Release Date:

August 25, 2023

About the Creator:

Crazy games