Noobik parkour: Only up! Game

"Noobik parkour: Only up!" is an exciting parkour adventure game where players need to help Noobik reach the finish line! Players can embark on a captivating journey through a colorful cubic world! There are ten true hardcore levels ahead of you, where you must showcase your skills to overcome the myriad obstacles and dangerous pitfalls that await you at every turn.

The Gameplay:

"Noobik parkour: Only up!" has 10 core levels! To pass a level, you need to reach the finish line, overcome various obstacles, and avoid various pitfalls along the way! Get various bonuses that temporarily increase your jump range. Carefully explore each corner of the mysterious dungeon to find hidden gems. Collect enough diamonds to purchase a new and unique look for your character. Make sure to activate checkpoints so that if you fail, you can choose from the most to continue your journey at a nearby save point. Avoid falling into wolf holes, deep pools, or boiling lava lakes that pose a deadly danger to you. Your main goal is to safely reach the magical portal that will take you to the next stage. Good luck with that!

"Noobik parkour: Only up" invites you to participate in an exciting game of survival, jumping, and escape, where you must help Noobik escape safely! You need to jump from block to block. The most important thing is not to fall into the hot lava! Blocks can be movable or stationary, square or rectangular, and they can also vanish. Be careful on the way, you can reach the finish line! Are you prepared to overcome hundreds of dangerous obstacles while avoiding falling into the hot lava surrounding the different columns? Test your balance, feel the adrenaline rush, and use your talent and patience to escape this high-security prison. The game is sure to appeal to those who enjoy action games and bright graphics. Good luck!

The reason why 'Noobik parkour: Only up' appears is because Noobik wants to run and jump on lava like his friend Steve (a common protagonist in parkour games like 'Minecraft'), ready to compete with 'Noobik parkour: Only up' Let's embark on an exciting vertical journey together! As you progress through the different levels, new obstacles such as spins and moving platforms are introduced. The course will become increasingly difficult as your level improves, but we believe that with focus and dedication, you will have a lot of fun while completing all of the courses!

How to Play:

The protagonist is guided through a vertical maze containing a variety of obstacles. Jump, dodge, and climb through increasingly complex levels. To move, use the WASD key. To jump, press the space bar. Jump over the lava from block to block until you reach the end of each level, but do not fall into the lava, as then you will lose.​


Mobile devices:

Touch joystick on the left side of the screen - Move

Right side of the screen - Camera rotation

Button in the lower right corner - Jump


W, A, S, D - Move

Space - Jump

Escape - Pause(menu)

Mouse movement - Camera rotation

Release Date:

August 2023

About the Creator: