Noob: Parkour Game

Noob: Parkour is a challenging game with 55 thoughtfully designed levels. To complete each level, you must guide the character to the finish line while overcoming various obstacles and avoiding traps. The game requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise controls to successfully navigate each level. Noob: Parkour is sure to test your parkour abilities and keep you on your toes throughout the entire game.

The Gameplay:

Noob: Parkour is a challenging platformer game that features 55 thoughtfully designed levels. Players take on the role of a parkour enthusiast who must traverse each level using their skills and agility to overcome various obstacles and avoid traps.

To successfully complete each level, players must show precision jumping, timing their movements carefully to land on narrow platforms, jump over gaps, and maneuver their way through complex obstacle courses. The game’s physics engine faithfully recreates the feel of parkour, allowing players to gain momentum and maintain speed as they move from one platform to another.

Noob: Parkour’s levels are designed to test players’ skills and problem-solving abilities, with many levels offering multiple ways to reach the finish line. Players can choose the path that best suits their playing style, with some levels offering a direct route while others require players to use their parkour skills to find a more inventive way to reach the finish line.

The game features a colorful and cartoonish art style that provides a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere. The game’s soundtrack complements the action, with upbeat music that matches the pace of the game.

Noob: Parkour is a great choice for platformer fans who enjoy the challenge of parkour-inspired levels. With its thoughtful level design and emphasis on skill and precision, Noob: Parkour is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages and abilities.

How to Play:

Your goal is to jump on platforms and traverse through courses while avoiding obstacles and collecting cakes. The game features various levels with unique layouts and challenges, putting your platforming skills to the test. You must quickly react to changes in the terrain and use your parkour skills to jump, climb, and flip through the levels. Reach the finish line as quickly as possible to complete each course and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.


W, A, S, D - character management.

Space - jump.

To rotate the camera, swipe the screen by holding down the left mouse button.

Release Date:

April 7, 2022

About the Creator:

Boris Brovin