Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet Game

Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet is a jumping parkour game that helps Noob escape from the Skibidi toilet. It has a total of 30 levels, and walks through intricate mazes filled with evil resurrection toilets! All levels must reach the finish line and escape the giant, strange head protruding from the toilet! Find a way out of this mess, but stay alert, be very careful and avoid the enemy, otherwise they will not stop chasing you, they will swallow you up!

The Gameplay:

We are pleased to invite you to play the free online game "Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet". "Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet" is an addictive arcade game where your task is to guide Noob through a series of thrilling parkour maps filled with obstacles and challenges and find a way out. With 30 exciting levels ahead of you, you will need to act quickly and think strategically as you progress through the complex levels. To overcome every challenging obstacle and avoid the perils of the Skibidi toilet, find the key to escape from prison. Keep an eye on the Skibidi toilets, which will ruthlessly try to prevent you from escaping. Go parkour all the way across the map, using your platforming skills and timing to jump, run and jump over obstacles in the path.

Your agility and mastery of jumping and evading are the only things that will help you survive this dangerous competition. In the game 'Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet', each level brings unique challenges and opportunities to showcase your parkour skills. You need to perform timely jumps, precise maneuvers, and master the art of evasion in order to outsmart the Skibidi toilet and ensure Noble's escape. Be the best in this thrilling adventure and beat Skibidi Toilet! Join now to prove that you are a true parkour hero!

Get ready for an exciting 3D parkour platforming adventure in 'Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet', which blends the challenging Minecraft parkour world with the quirky and mischievous Skibidi toilet. You need to help Noob, who desperately needs your help to escape prison and avoid the evil Skibidi toilet. When Noob automatically runs forward, click on the right side of the screen to jump and on the left to slide, alternating between the two to cross obstacles, avoid falling into pits or bumping into others, and avoid traps and hazards. Hop flexibly onto the platform above the bubbling lava, then follow the signs on the wall that will tell you the correct route.

Watch out for sharp circular saws and many other dangerous pitfalls in the game "Noob Parkour: Skibidi Toilet." If an exclamation point appears above the enemy, it indicates that they have discovered you and intend to pursue you. Just jump on his head because he cannot get there. Squeeze into a narrow gap in the wall to avoid pursuit and feel temporarily safe. Due to the red arrows on the floor, you can increase the speed of your movement. But sometimes they trick you, so using them requires you to take the risk yourself.

Try to reach as far as possible, collect gems for use in the shops to buy new skins or interesting things, and make sure not to lose all five lives, as then you will have to restart the game completely. Time to go parkour in the city with Noob! This is one of the best running and jumping games in this category, and you can play it on your mobile device as well. Good luck! We hope to see more of you here as always!

How to Play:

Overcoming obstacles, avoiding the dangerous Skibidi toilet, and finding the key to escape from prison.


Mobile Devices:

Left side of the screen - Touch joystick for Movement

Right side of the screen - Camera Rotation

Button in the bottom right corner - Jump


W, A, S, D - Movement

SPACE - Jump

Escape or Tab - Pause (menu)

Mouse Movement - Camera Rotation

Release Date:

August 4, 2023

About the Creator:

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