Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour Game

Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour is a first-person arcade game set in a floating island world. The thoughtful 3D levels of blocks and platforms hanging over the abyss will get in your way. Try not to fall when you reach the entrance to the next level. Get ready to embark on a jumping adventure and challenge your parkour skills in this Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour adventure. As a master of parkour, I use the joysticks to control the character's movements, press buttons to perform endless jumps in parkour, climb walls, conquer obstacles and soar through the sky, so I continue to move upwards.

The Gameplay:

Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour is a first-person parkour game in which the player jumps through the sky to reach the finish line. Test your agility by running and jumping over the abyss. Get ready to enjoy your favorite action sports parkour in Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour! Set in a colorful world filled with small floating islands, this exciting first-person arcade game tests your balance, patience, and athleticism. Islands and platforms hang over the abyss, and if any of your movements go awry, you will not be able to escape. How far can you walk safely and without injury? Successfully complete each level by reaching the portal that takes you to the top. Good luck with that!

Go on an endless adventure to paradise in Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour, perform heart-warming parkour jumps, deftly navigate obstacles, and showcase your reflexes in this captivating 3D sky pulley parkour game. In this game, you can only make bold moves upwards, from jumping between adventure gaps to sliding under obstacles, to take you into this sky parkour game. Push your limits to the max in this parkour simulator. In this game, your peak ride is up to your choice! Get ready for parkour! It's time to climb to new heights in Jump to Sky: 3D Parcour. Good luck and success in your climbing!​

How to Play:

Get to the portal to the next level, and try not to fall down.


W, A, S, D - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Run

Double Escape - Menu

Mouse movement - Rotation of the camera

Release Date:

January 7, 2022

About the Creator: